Authentic Learning

Our training courses are designed just for you – whether you live in New York, Dubai, Nigeria or India. We create great content – we enjoy developing courses that make a difference, encourage deep learning, offer authentic learning experiences and embrace multimedia.

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Multiple Devices

Discover the easy way to take online learning – with computers, tablets and smartphones. Our courses work on any of your devices so that delivery is effortless. We host our courses on a cloud LMS – so you can access your courses any where and any time………………………………………………..

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Relevant Topics

We offer a wide variety of training courses on topics that are relevant – from stress management and employee wellness to child development and facilitation skills. When we develop our courses, we ask ourselves: “What does our global society need?”

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Albert Einstein

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

If you are working or traveling, we offer certified online training courses. Course material, tests, and certification can all be conveniently done online.

Our Products

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Leadership and Management
  • New Venture Creation
  • Inclusive Education and Diversity Management
  • Community Development
  • Employee Wellness
  • Victim Empowerment
  • Youth Development
  • Communications skills
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Adult Basic Education and Training
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Accommodation and Bed & Breakfast Training
  • Reception Services

Our Client List


Our Ethos and Approach


We believe that our training courses are of exceptionally high quality for the following reasons:

  • Making words come to life
    EDUWRITE understands that learners need to feel inspired and enlivened by training materials.  Training materials don’t have to be dull and boring. Instead, words can come to life on the page making learners excited and motivated to learn.
  • Visually Attractive Learning Materials
    What gives our learning materials the edge? A professional design and layout, including the use of photographs and illustrations makes our learning materials stand out in the crowd. EDUWRITE uses professionally designed templates for all our learning materials. This ensures that our materials have strong visual appeal, are easy to navigate, and have a uniform appearance.
  • Anti-Bias, Gender Sensitive & Human Rights Approach
    Our learning materials are imbued with an ethos which challenges stereotypes and reinforces positive, anti-bias values. We believe in a global community that supports and nurtures human rights, and we offer this approach in our training.
  • Empowerment & Ownership of Authentic Learning Experiences
    We want learners to have a strong feeling of ownership while they are learning materials. For this reason, we create courses that empower learners, provide many authentic learning experiences, can be applied in developing and developed world contexts, and support second language learners. We aim to change the world – one learner at a time!
  • Commitment to Educational Development
    We have a strongly developed social conscience as a small business. Our mission is to create learning experiences that enliven and inspire learners, in this way contributing to lifelong learning and educational transformation.


EDUWRITE is an online learning academy offering top quality training courses. We develop all our courses in consultation with subject experts using industry-recognised curricula. Our high quality learning materials provide a rich and deep learning experience. We believe that you want to make a difference in their life and in the world – and we want to support you to do just that!

The result?

An authentic learning experience and a certificate of competence that adds value to your life.