Our Team

Who are we?

Louise Sterling (Director)

A professional writer, editor and publisher, Louise Sterling, has a vision for a global system of education and training that offers authentic, relevant local learning experiences with international competency gradings.  She has worked in education and training for over 25 years, with a foundation in adult education and community empowerment. She is inspired by the power of digital technologies to help build a new global society that integrates the values of empathy, compassion, human rights, and social and economic equity. She supports bitcoin as an alternative currency model for our transforming society.

As a publisher she has:

  • Created a successful publishing company with a virtual freelance team of writers, subject experts, editors and designers – with an emphasis on publishing exceptional learning materials
  • Focused on integrating life skills and personal empowerment skills into training courses
  • Emphasised meaningful and thorough competency gradings and assessments
  • Worked with government departments, international publishers, NGO’s and corporate training companies

She has particular expertise in developing interactive learning materials for distance education and online learning. She is an early adopter of elearning for developing contexts, and anticipates that mobile learning will make online training accessible to every human being on the planet.

Our Virtual Team

Some of our talented team include:

Barbara Hutton:  With over 25 years experience in course development, she is passionate about creating beautiful materials that build creativity, confidence, critical thinking and competence. She has been the lead writer for some of our most stunning courses.

Martin Stiger: A talented and creative web designer, Martin constantly pushes us to keep at the leading edge of design trends and makes sure our courses look amazing.

Jesse Brooks: A magician, mentalist and experience designer, Jesse uses “out-of-the-box” thinking to keep us inspiring and improving our courses. He helps us to keep the magic alive!


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